May 18, 2012

Which is also why women earn less. They”€™d rather be with their kids. That’s right. Women earn less because they choose to earn less. This hatefact drives feminists nuts”€”or nuttier”€”but it’s perfectly logical. Picture a boardroom where the top brass realizes they”€™re going to have to stay there all night if they”€™re going to meet tomorrow’s budget deadline. Which gender is more likely to say, “€œSorry, my daughter has a dance recital and there’s no way I”€™m going to miss it”€? Women put family over work more often than men, which means they tend to get promoted less often. When women don”€™t have kids they actually make more than men. Those of us in the eyeball community see this every day. It’s common sense. If women were a cheap labor source they”€™d be hired in droves the same way illegal aliens are.

The liberal brain has clogged arteries. Do they honestly believe Americans are fat because the nutritional facts chart at McDonald’s wasn”€™t prominently displayed? Everyone knows a healthy sandwich costs less than a dollar, but liberals keep telling us poor kids are fat because they can”€™t afford to eat better. They”€™re fat because watching TV doesn”€™t burn calories.

First Book is a DC organization devoted to providing America’s poor with books they can afford. Have any of these people been to a used bookstore? There is almost always a bin at the back with $1 books. I”€™ve even seen boxes of free books when the store is overstocked. America is lousy with books. First Book tells us there are “€œtens of millions of poor Americans”€ who can”€™t afford to buy books, but in a country where TV ownership only very recently went down from 99%, I”€™m guessing they”€™re not exactly deprived.

We”€™re at a point where we can”€™t explain away failure. If you”€™re living in the freest country in the world in 2012 and you”€™re fat, broke, and single, it’s probably your fault.



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