August 23, 2016

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This is basically what Kurt was saying, and he was instantly seized upon by the witch’s coven of rape alarmists. Metzger wrote for Amy Schumer’s show, so after they discovered that harassing him on social media wasn”€™t working, they attacked his boss until she issued a statement. “€œI am so saddened and disappointed in Kurt Metzger,”€ she announced on Twitter. “€œHe is my friend and a great writer and I couldn”€™t be more against his recent actions.”€ This is how far we”€™ve come with feminism. You”€™re now sexist if you question the judge-and-jury trials feminists invent for themselves. If you”€™d rather a rapist be incarcerated than fired, you”€™re sexist because women said so, the end. The mob wasn”€™t satisfied with Amy’s apology and wanted to be sure Kurt suffered financially for his blasphemy. A typical message from her fans came from MTV’s Shaunna Murphy, who suggested, “€œNow maybe think about, you know, not paying him anymore?”€ (Amy’s show is no longer on the air so it’s a moot point.) We saw the same monetary attack on Terry Richardson and Dov Charney. In Dov’s case his “€œvictims”€ demanded a quarter billion. They don”€™t want justice. They want suffering and money (no wonder they love Hillary so much).

This is what really alarms me about PC culture. It’s more fascist than the state. The courts are actually pretty reasonable when it comes to free speech. They almost always side with the First Amendment. The people, on the other hand, are downright Stalinist. And the courts abide by their ruling! We knew O.J. was guilty, but it made people mad so the courts let him go. After seeing the full footage of Rodney King, we realized the beating was a very small part of the exchange and was well deserved at that. However, the edited clip was what everyone remembered so we hauled the cops back into court and changed the ruling.

I believe Amy knew Kurt was right but she was kowtowing because her people told her to. She has become an economic powerhouse with a $10 million book deal, to name just one incredibly lucrative project in the works. Eventually the backlash became so intense, even Kurt wavered a little, “€œclarifying”€ his comments and declaring, “€œI sincerely apologize for using inflammatory language.”€ Fuck that. Tact is for fags. If someone goes above the law and ruins someone’s life without a trial, you”€™re allowed to swear. We”€™re talking about rape here, not what soupspoon to use.

What’s really going on has very little to do with preventing rape. It’s ultimately the same as the “€œracism is alive and well”€ trope. They are trying to prove that “€œsexism is alive and well,”€ but the supply simply does not meet the demand. Women want to prove everything is sexist so they”€™ve begun almost randomly naming comedians and all-American college students as their perps. A pesky trial would slow things down, circumvent it. There are a lot of benefits to this. Beth Stelling was relatively unknown before this controversy. Now she’s the rape-survivor comedian. Mattress Girl got an art career out of it. What’s more, the economy of feminism got a boost. Though Title IX was created to ensure college campuses are free of sexism, it’s become a feminazi credo that provides a financial incentive to find rapists. If your school doesn”€™t have a rape culture, you don”€™t get funding. It’s a system that goes beyond the college campus and into most aspects of youth culture, especially comedy. It purports to be about creating a better world, but like all things fascist, it destroys innocent men, institutions, humor, liberty, and ultimately women themselves, especially the real victims of abuse. The funny part is, the only people it helps are the rapists.


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