December 06, 2013

Villa Diodati

Villa Diodati

Otherwise, everything is hunky-dory. There is a game being played only by blacks and Hispanics in the great City of New York that’s called “polar bear hunting.” (Whites are the polar bears, get it?) It’s fueled by social media, with thugs boasting of their attacks online and posting Internet videos of the sucker punch. It involves approaching vulnerable-looking individuals and walloping them with the goal of rendering them unconscious with one punch. They don’t rob them or do further damage if the victim goes down. The latest victim was a Jewish granny, and the “game” has caught on throughout many American cities. The New York Times, whose bias against white males, policemen, and Republicans is so extreme it makes hardened criminals roll their eyes, denies that it’s a trend. Instead, it recently ran a ten-thousand-word philippic against a Florida policeman whose girlfriend was found dying from a gunshot wound with the policeman’s service pistol beside her. The sheriff’s office called it a suicide and the cop was never charged. The dead woman’s brother went on record absolving the policeman boyfriend. Still, he’s a cop, and he’s white, and he most likely voted for Pat Buchanan in 2000, so he must be a Nazi. And to further show her PC credentials, the old bag then ran a very long but extremely tedious piece by a woman who had a one-night stand with a young Brown University student who climaxed before she did and then went to sleep. Two thousand words by a woman complaining about such an unheard-of event had me on edge. Young men reaching orgasm before a woman? I never! Bring on the Pulitzers.

But this is supposedly a happy column, so I must stay away from the gloomy Times. If and when the marriage takes place, it will be a small family wedding and hopefully afterwards I will give a ball at the Schoenburg Palace in Vienna and all of you will be invited. But not the woman who complained so publicly about the Brown University student. We might all fall asleep while waltzing.



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