January 21, 2017

Source: Bigstock

Constantine Lagos was planning to get Dimitris Perrikos and myself together as there are very few records left about the blowing up of the ESPO building. The irony of it is that as Dimitris was exposing the neocon con job of weapons of mass destruction, I was starting a magazine to expose this very con job by George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and the neocon establishment of Washington that had smelled out a true blue dumbo in George W., one who could be manipulated at will.

Alas, we never met. Dimitris Perrikos died in Vienna two weeks before Christmas 2016. Which brings me back to heroes like his father and if his sacrifice was worth it. Obviously yes, it was, otherwise we would all be like those cowardly students who demand safe spaces, but it still makes one wonder. Would Kostas Perrikos have endured what he did in order to see his country overrun by sub-Saharans and Afghans because Angela Merkel felt it was good form to take in all comers? Would he have gladly given his life so Brussels stooges could order us around? Would he have sacrificed himself for what the Greeks have become, not the proud descendants of Leonidas and Themistocles, but a race resembling beggars with palms outstretched to the bureaucrooks of the EU?

No people in history venerated their heroes more than us Greeks, and we sure had plenty of them to look up to. Add one more with the name of Kostas Perrikos, born in Chios in 1905, died a hero in 1943. Next time you’re in Athens, look up his statue on the corner of Patission and Gladstone. And remove your hat while doing it.


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