February 10, 2011

missing asset:https://www.takimag.com/images/uploads/TAK.jpg

missing asset:https://www.takimag.com/images/uploads/TAK.jpg

Think, dear readers. Aristotle, Jesus, Kant, and many more after them preached virtue and morality, yet in the developed world, the ghastly shrinks have turned selfishness into a virtue, and Lookatmi has become the be-all and end-all of our existence. Recently in Davos such smiling wallet-lifters as Bill Clinton, George Soros, and Larry Summers paraded themselves—at a very high price, mind you—dispensing financial and moral advice to the rest of the peasants, advice that they ensure us will make us all rich and famous and featured in HELLO! Magazine quicker than you can say, “Madoff.”

One of the most prominent Athenian statesmen was Lycurgus—an old pupil of Plato’s and a contemporary of Aristotle’s—who professed to be a democrat despite casting a friendly eye toward Spartan ideals. Lycurgus had a regard to the propertied classes’ interests and was described as a financier with a moral mission. It might sound like an oxymoron today, but a state needs both the propertied classes (the capitalists) as well as the martial classes (the Spartans). What a state does not need are the money-shufflers, those billionaires who create and build nothing while enjoying the profits from others’ work. I mean the Soroses, Kravises, Abramoviches, and other such jackals who know how to shift money around and how to bet which weakling will go down next.

Which brings me to what French philosopher Guillaume Faye calls pathological individualism syndrome. The patriotic and brave American Renaissance editor Jared Taylor recently featured Faye in AR. Because our rulers think only about the individual—and not about nation or race—they promote policies at home and raise armies to fight abroad which one day will see our children attacked by the very policies these con men have foisted upon us. Everyone not busy watching the grotesque Simon Callow knows that Africa has lost her traditional societies and is incapable of replacing them with anything that is not squalid and cruel. The Middle East is almost as bad. Yet this world’s Tony Blairs and Bill Clintons insist that flooding old Europe with Turks, Middle Easterners, Pakistanis, Bengalis, and Africans—people who reproduce at ten times our rate—is a valid expression of human solidarity. Multimillionaire celebrities and other demented do-gooders want our taxes to subsidize reckless breeding in our midst, and we—like the proverbial sheep to the slaughter—go along with it. If Taki the philosopher had his way, most of the baddies I mentioned above would be jailed as enemies of the state of Europe. We’d start with the Brussels thieves playing dictator, then Blair, Bush, Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright—Richard Holbrooke did the correct thing and dropped dead—the whole kit and kaboodle. Albright’s favorite, Kosovo head Hashim Thaçi, was and is a drugs dealer but also sells human organs. We took his side against Christian Serbs. Pathological altruism is what the good professor Faye calls the desire to become extinct.


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