June 21, 2014

Kristin Scott Thomas

Kristin Scott Thomas

Source: Shutterstock

What goodies come with being the dream date of Pugs Club? Quite a lot actually. A weekend on George Livanos’ private Greek island. An indefinite stay at Chalet Palataki in Gstaad. A weekend of hunting in England’s greatest shoot, Gunnerside, gracefully offered by the owner, Bob Miller, another member. A cruise on Mark Getty’s magnificent clipper bowed yacht, Talitha; ditto a cruise on Mark’s half brother Tara Getty’s boat, Tara being the most recent member elected to Pugs. Commodore Hoare also has offered his beautiful sailing boat, but she is for the moment unavailable as she is being repaired. (Plus ça change.) I could go on. Basically, I will become engaged to Kristin later on this year, and by that time I hope to have met her. Count Bismarck has promised a ball following the engagement and Sir Christopher Lee will read the lesson. Everything will be hunky-dory.

Now for the bad news: for the Saudis, that is. More than 40 years ago I remember gambling against a Saudi called Fahd who had a beautiful Palestinian girl next to him and whom he introduced as his wife as he sat down at the chemmy table. It was at John Aspinall’s old Clermont Club in Berkeley Square. I remember it as if it were yesterday, because in a very high stakes game I got an eight to Fahd’s nine. His wife sympathized with me as I was young and obviously in over my head. Aspers applauded, as Fahd had unlimited funds and suckers like me were needed to butter him up. I went to the loo and threw up. Now I read Fahd’s son is refusing to honor his father’s promises to the beautiful Palestinian who is now 65 and still beautiful. So what else is new? If she needs a witness I am ready to testify. But as I am engaged to Ms. Scott Thomas I will demand nothing in return. Fahd’s wife’s name is Janan Harb. I hope justice is served.


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