August 18, 2014

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As the saying goes, the first casualty in war is truth. These little creeps have clearly shown that they feel no compunction to play fair. Leftists are fighting as if they”€™re in a war, and they”€™re acting as if they smell blood. They interpret your fairness as weakness. If you don’t even realize that someone has declared war against you, you’re probably going to lose that war. But you can”€™t win a boxing match when your opponent is swinging a mallet.

People who accuse you of being insincere unwittingly reveal a lot about themselves. Same goes for those who accuse you of being hate-filled. Or of being intolerant. Psychological projection is the currency of the hysterical moralist.

People usually play their hand by attacking you with whatever line of attack would work best on them. If their consistent MO is to lob one ad hominem Molotov cocktail after another at you, that’s a tacit admission that they fear nothing more than public humiliation. By dictating the rules of the game, they unwittingly let you know precisely what it would take to beat them.

They are immune to logic as if they”€™ve been vaccinated against it”€”so go for their emotions. Mock them. Endlessly mock them. Publicly mock them. Take their cancerous hatred”€”which they”€™re openly projecting onto you”€”and smash them back in the face with it. They”€™re begging for it. They are only being relentless because you”€™ve been too nice. Despite how boldly they act, they are obviously horrified of their own shadows.

They”€™re going to call you a “€œhater”€ anyway, so you might as well blow off some steam at their expense. Sure, you may have a compulsion to drag them out into the streets and beat them toothless, but that would only validate their fantasies and get you arrested. No, do what they do”€”only harder. Humiliate them. Publicly. Point out that they are hate-filled, intolerant liars. Toss that bomb right back at them where it belongs.

So many”€”if not all”€”of them are obviously reacting against childhood bullying. And even though no one has dared bully them for years, they can”€™t seem to let it go. So bully them back with such soul-crushing gusto, they”€™ll start praying that they were back in high-school gym class. Tie them in pretzel knots made of their emotions.

All it takes to blind them is to hold a mirror in their face. This way they”€™ll know that when confronted, they were the ones who blinked. Never let them forget that. This is why they will hate you far more than they did when they first picked this fight. It is also why you will win.


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