February 19, 2018

Nikolas de Jesus Cruz

Nikolas de Jesus Cruz

Source: Broward County Sheriff's Dept.

So let’s review:

• Camouflage-clad leader of entirely unknown Florida militia group becomes a running joke inside certain Alt-Right circles for his general weirdness.

• As a joke, one chat group decides to blame Jordan Jereb and his group for the shooting. A prankster claims on shooter’s Instagram that shooter is affiliated with this group.

• ABC reporter calls the group’s leader, who says that shooter is a member.

• Desperate to blame all atrocities on white nationalists, the mainstream media and ADL run with this narrative like a dog with a bone.

• Militia group later denies that shooter was a member.

• Police announce they can find no ties between the shooter and the white nationalist militia group.

• Having already impressed in the public’s soft and malleable consciousness that the shooter was a white supremacist, media outlets offer either no retractions or limp retractions in very small type at the bottom of articles. Mission accomplished.

Most accounts didn’t mention the fact that in the past seven years, police had been called to Cruz’s home 39 times for his erratic behavior. They didn’t play up the fact that Cruz had been banned from the high school where he committed the massacre after fighting with and repeatedly threatening his ex’s new boyfriend. They made not a peep about the fact that Cruz had been diagnosed with depression, autism, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder after a social-media post in which he inflicted wounds on both of his arms. They didn’t mention that a former sister-in-law suggested that Cruz was on psych meds, which is a factor far too prevalent in mass shootings. They didn’t say anything about the fact that the FBI had been warned about Cruz’s erratic behavior and his publicly stated aspirations to become a “professional school shooter” but dropped the ball and didn’t notify their Florida office about the warning. The ADL certainly didn’t offer any updates about the fact that Cruz claims his mother was Jewish, which would make him one of those White Supremacist Hispanic Jewish Nazis they keep soliciting funds to combat.

No, in this case the issue wasn’t mental illness or psych meds or broken families or FBI bungling or Jewish mothering or romantic jealousy. It wasn’t even gun control, which is a pet cause of the mainstream media unless you remind them that it was also a pet cause of the Nazis.

The issue wasn’t even that 17 people were dead.

Quite clearly, the issue is that this was a ripe opportunity to exploit a national tragedy and tie it to the idea of a “white ethnostate,” a concept which troubles the major media greatly—unlike, say, the Zionist ethnostate.

The issue is that if blood is spilled, blame the Nazis. And if the Nazis don’t exist, then it is necessary to invent them.


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