April 16, 2018

He promised to focus on domestic rather than foreign issues and pledged a huge program to rebuild the nation’s crumbling infrastructure. No such program has materialized.

He promised to remove the nation’s millions of illegal aliens. They are still here.

He promised to defund sanctuary cities. They have not been defunded.

He promised a complete ban on new Muslim immigration. He delivered a ban of immigration from a handful of terrorist-sponsoring regimes that cover only a slim quotient of the Islamic world. And even this was shot down by courts—you might say this isn’t his fault, but he ran for office on his ability to persuade people and cut deals. No such deal has been cut.

He promised to eliminate the massive federal debt in eight years. Rather than even beginning to leave a dent in the debt, it is now over $1.1 trillion higher than it was the day he took office.

One of the keystones of his campaign was that China was a currency manipulator and therefore needed to be dealt with harshly. Only three months into his presidency, he reneged and declared that China was not a currency manipulator.

On the campaign trail, he relentlessly hammered the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Only three days into his presidency, he withdrew the US from the TPP. And now he’s openly considering rejoining it.

And now he’s dropping bombs in the Middle East and putting America last again.

I didn’t vote for any of this.

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