September 28, 2015

Source: Shutterstock

I think I can tell where this modern pope is “coming from in the global world””€”from global finance and those pushing for global government and a global taxing system. He sounds like one of their hand puppets.

Were you remotely aware that less than a third of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics live in Europe or the USA? That sub-Saharan Africa is home to about twice as many Catholics as the United States is? That Latin America and the Caribbean are teeming with more Catholics than Europe and the USA combined?

From a purely demographic standpoint, it would make sense for a modern pope to play to his constituency, which is weighted heavily with Third Worlders from south of the Equator who seek justice, compassion, tolerance, and free stuff from their former oppressors to the north.

That’s the beauty of socialism”€”you uplift the poor, the sick, and the starving by using other people’s money.

Amid all his gibberish about wealth inequality and income redistribution, I haven’t heard an audible squeak from Pope Francis about how the Catholic Church”€”which, according to lowball estimates has a net worth of at least $15 billion but according to others may even be the planet’s wealthiest nongovernmental entity”€”should be slammed with a punitive progressive tax.

If the Pope wants wealth redistribution, let’s start working our way toward that noble utopian goal by taxing the Catholic Church.

The US Constitution supposedly grants freedom of religion, which is why some would argue that churches don’t get taxed, no matter how much money they haul in. Well, we’re supposed to have freedom of speech, too, but as a writer I sure ain’t getting any tax breaks. So in the interest of equality and fairness and leveling the playing field, either start taxing the Catholic Church or”€”my preference”€”stop taxing me. But in the interim, the Pope should probably stop talking about politics and start talking about Jesus again.


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