Ball is famous for a failed run for Congress and for Internet photos in which she’s seen fellating “€œa reindeer dildo nose,”€ as New York Magazine described it. These credentials have no doubt helped Ball procure plum positions on the idiot’s lantern.

Still, Ball is not as studiously dumb and brazen as Cupp. Likewise, Democrat Kirsten Powers might be dreadfully dull, without an idea of her own, but she’s ladylike. I”€™ll also take British import Imogen Lloyd Webber (Andrew Lloyd Webber’s daughter) over Cupp anytime. Once a member of the Fox News moron menagerie, Lloyd Webber’s most original line, blurted out with great conviction on The Factor, was: “€œWe must build bridges with Islam.”€ She now reserves her syrupy idealism for MSNBC. Unlike the American competition, Imogen possesses a modicum of self-knowledge. “€œI”€™m not particularly bright and I put myself under a lot of pressure to do well,”€ she once disarmingly confessed.

Nevertheless, “€œBig Media,”€ left and right, came together unequivocally to defend the dishonored S. E. Cupp (who has been honored for her vomitous prose on C-SPAN’s Book TV and was called on to speak at CPUKE 2012).

Taki’s Kathy Shaidle surmised that this was because Cupp is “€œBig Media. And Big Media cares first and foremost about itself and its own.”€

I disagree.

The very same colluding quislings more often than not stick it to Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin, who are the quintessential conservative Big Media babes.

Here’s the real reason behind the establishment’s affection for this member of the Republican fellatio machine: Major media feeds on mediocrity. Coulter and Malkin are not mediocre; they have talent.

Cupp is part of an implicit program of fem affirmative action.

For the political establishment, intellectual equilibrium is optimally maintained when the Cupps outnumber the Coulters.

Sidekick Cupp is on TV, weighing in on weighty matters, because however hard she and her ilk try, they cannot outsmart their hosts (O”€™Reilly, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Dylan Ratigan, and Martin Bashir).

Major media is like a big amorphous amoeba. This simple, single-celled organism will instinctively act in unison to preserve its integrity.



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