March 07, 2015

Source: Shutterstock

What does changing sex have to do with old age? Nothing much except that only old fools do it. And speaking of very foolish people, mostly men, the paper that proves more embarrassing to read than actually soiling one’s trousers, the New York Times, recently ran a two-page diatribe on searching for sex, about men who ask Google how to make their penises bigger. Now, I ask you, dear readers: How is it possible that a newspaper that has made its reputation by its hate for white, middle-class men can run a long boring piece by a man called Davidowitz about his angst and confusion about his willy? It’s as boring a subject as the excuse in the Muslim world to riot, loot, burn and kill. In its insatiable appetite for trendiness, the NYT has become a joke, although an intelligent old boy like myself always knew it was a joke, and a bad one at that.

Writing about that old hag makes the subject of old age a pleasant one. Instead of getting mad, I now laugh out loud. Reading the NYT is as funny as those threatening scowls and bad-ass stares that Muslim punks throw at old ladies, not at men who might retaliate. I’m heading back to the gym and this time I will really beat the crap out of anyone who pulls his punches.


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