December 09, 2013

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela

The 20/20 special left out many other inconvenient facts. Not a whisper was made about the fact that Israel was a huge supporter of South African apartheid and the last country on Earth to sever ties with the regime.

Also left unmentioned is the fact that since apartheid ended in 1994, South Africa has slipped from #93 on the Human Development Index to #121 in 2013. We are not told that the nation now boasts the world’s highest Gini coefficient, highest per-capita rate of rape, highest total number of HIV infections, and a per-capita murder rate seven times that of the USA. We don’t hear about deliberate gang rapes that are jovially referred to as “jack rolling,” nor the impenetrable metal “rape gates” that several Afrikaners have placed on the entrances to their bedrooms like jail doors. We don’t hear about the gated communities and the flame-throwing cars. We don”€™t hear the merest suggestion that South Africa is likely only a decade or two away from becoming Zimbabwe.

Instead, we get Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey creaming their jeans over His Holiness. And at the very end, we see children’s choirs in South Africa and New York City singing a version of John Lennon’s “€œImagine.”€ The final frames show a black boy hitting sour notes as he sings the line “€œAnd the world shall live as one.”€

Consciously or otherwise, that coda may encapsulate what Mandela truly represents and why he’s being canonized to such an absurd degree”€”he was a charismatic footservant of globalism. In the end, despite his image as the foe of colonialism, he may have been nothing more than a useful tool of global finance. He is a token of white colonialism’s surrender to a specifically anti-white breed of global financial colonialism. If he”€™d been white and fought bravely in the name of blood and soil, his eulogists would be singing a much different tune.

The financial Powers That Be will continue to rape and exploit South Africa’s bounteous mineral riches, and the great masses of the country’s blacks will continue to wallow in violence, poverty, disease, and hunger. The main difference will be that the pesky and irksome Boers who pulled the region out of the Stone Age will no longer be in the way. Like the pioneers who tamed the American West, they have served their purpose and are now being discarded.



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