April 24, 2012

In Munroe’s case, the tribunal dismissed all but one of the grounds, that of reprisal. The bureaucrats”€™ reasons were typically arbitrary and flaky. (For example, they just ruled that a man doesn”€™t have to have his penis removed to be legally considered female.)

Particularly amusing was the conclusion that “€œwhile Munroe was diagnosed with an undisclosed “€˜chronic medical condition,”€™ he was not dying and in turn did not qualify for priority housing.”€ (Apt. for rent”€”corpses preferred.)

Furthermore, the tribunal heard testimony that “€œthe immigrants in question may have been victims of domestic violence, which…would account for why they were offered social housing so quickly.”€ (Room to let”€”bruised females only.)

We can object that government should get out of the housing and “€œshelter”€ business altogether and/or that Mr. Munroe should devote his ample free time to seeking gainful employment. But in the here and now, Mr. Munroe’s allegations of anti-white bias seem believable.

News of Munroe’s case broke around the same time that Frank Field, England’s “€œpoverty tsar,”€ declared that “€œup to half of all social housing lets [in London] are given to those born abroad.”€

In the United States, HUD’s Section 8 and public housing programs are open to both US citizens and those holding “€œeligible immigration status.”€ State programs have their own criteria; in Massachusetts, you can apply for housing “€œno matter what your immigration status is.”€

In 2009, it emerged that Obama’s aunt Zeituni Onyango, a native Kenyan, had applied for asylum in Boston in 2002, moved into federally funded housing in 2003, and stayed there even after a judge ordered her to leave the US. Onyango eventually moved into a state-funded apartment, where, conveniently, her immigration status could not be questioned. Her deportation order has since been waived.

Many of those illegal immigrants have US-born “€œanchor babies”€ who automatically become American citizens. Their means they (and their parents and siblings) are eligible for federal public housing as “€œmixed families.”€

And now, Obama’s Department of Justice is fighting alleged discrimination against blacks and Latinos applying for Section 8 housing in LA County’s Lancaster and Palmdale, “€œeven though 86% of the Section 8 recipients in both cities are minorities.”€

When it comes to public housing, there appears to be no room at the inn for “€œwhite privilege.”€



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