September 12, 2013

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Enraged by the injustice of this, the dismissed servants collaborate with sensitive, sympathetic young college graduate Bonnie to write a book about their bitter experiences at the hands of their employers. After a favorable review in The New York Times, the book becomes a bestseller. The former servants are now rich from the royalties. They hire away the white ladies”€™ Mexican help, promising them two days off a month. Thirty years later Bonnie has her own show on MSNBC.

“€œThe spitting scenes are tastefully done.”€ “€”Ladies Home Journal

The Trayvon Martin Story. Rushed to screen in time for the fall movie season, here is director Michael Moore’s keenly awaited documentary on the short, tragic life of Trayvon Martin. We first see Trayvon as a mischievous child getting into scrapes with his little friends and developing a passion for Skittles. Then we see him as a troubled teen deeply affected by his parents”€™ divorce, his struggles to achieve academic distinction thwarted by a racist white school cop trying to frame him as a juvenile delinquent.

Emerging from this tortured adolescence, Trayvon wins the heart of pretty, vivacious Rachel. Then, just as his life is turning a corner, the fatal encounter occurs. On a mission to try once more to bring his parents back together, Trayvon is spotted by sinister, wife-beating, mostly white psychopath George Zimmerman. In a climactic scene worthy of Hitchcock, a terrified Trayvon is hunted through the rain-slicked nighttime alleyways of Sanford, Florida, before being cornered and shot by Zimmerman as grinning white police officers look on approvingly.

“€œThe truth at last about a grievous miscarriage of justice.”€ “€”New York Magazine

Godzilla v. Martin Luther King. In this latest adaptation of a comic-book superhero saga, the great Civil Rights leader is pitted against a colossal reptile with radioactive breath that white scientists cloned from fragments of dinosaur DNA. Godzilla rampages through Detroit, Baltimore, and Chicago, destroying houses and driving away businesses. White commentators ignore the monster, blaming the destruction on black social dysfunction.

Thus challenged, black scientists bring the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. back to life. By sheer moral force, Dr. King turns Godzilla against his white handlers. The monster tracks them down to their secret control room beneath the Talladega infield. In a controversial scene, he then spit-roasts them alive and eats them, along with their wives, children, and pets.

“€œA lighthearted tribute to a great American.”€ “€”National Review

Lee Daniels”€™ The Cutler. After a traumatic childhood in the Jim Crow South during which his mother and sisters are raped by an evil white overseer and his father and brothers are all lynched by the Klan, young Clarence establishes himself in the catering-supply business, rising eventually to become sole vendor of flatware to the White House.

(To be continued…maybe…)



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