December 05, 2014

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In the meantime, the Iagos in all this”€”the Saudi, Qatari and Kuwaiti troika”€”are busy pretending they”€™ve fallen out with ISIS because of the latter’s rude behavior toward people in general and Anglo-American journalists in particular. If you believe that you”€™ll also believe that those two fatties John Podhoretz and William Kristol are ready to volunteer for duty in the Middle East. (Both of these girls are known to faint when someone passes wind rather loudly.) The unholy troika continues to funnel funds to the head choppers in order to guarantee their palaces, whores, and yachts, at least for the time being. Yet when these towel heads arrive in Washington or New York, our officials bend over and kiss their you-know-whats in case the towels drop any loose change. As an English hack used to say, “€œPass the sick bag, Alice!”€

If Obama weren”€™t as muddled as he is, perhaps he”€™d take some advice from yours truly, one who has seen it all, alas. The remnants of al-Qaeda in Iraq and the Sunnis we fought back then are the present ISIS. We should have taken the side of al-Assad in Syria, a man who protected Christians and other minorities, instead of falling for the big lie, that he was gassing his own people. (I believe that was ISIS 100 percent.) We should lift the Iran embargo”€”Iran being the greatest enemy of ISIS”€”and tell the Likudists and the Saudis to go to hell. If Obama did that, and pulled all our troops back, he might even end up being known as a successful president. But I”€™m not holding my breath.


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