February 09, 2017

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Marc Wais is the senior VP of student affairs at the school. He’s an irritating liberal with an obsequious demeanor who kept mumbling to the crowd that they should sit down or they”€™d be asked to leave. This was a lie and I got so annoyed after forty minutes of trying to scream over spoiled brats that I called Wais a fucking idiot and left. The police were waiting to escort me out of the place because students were still there (the mob had turned on the cops and made the protest about what total fascist pigs the NYPD are for not attacking me). We went to a bar where I met back up with the Proud Boys, who had escorted me into the place originally. There I learned NYU had locked them out and left them to fight the mob. They happily fought anyone willing, and two of our guys were arrested for it. On the way home that night, I checked social media. The NY Post ran a story wherein students claimed I said, “€œPeople say I”€™m a Nazi but I”€™m not a Nazi. I can”€™t be because the Holocaust isn”€™t real.”€ I contacted the author, Chris Perez, and made it clear I was going to rip his head off. The Post killed the quote, but it was too late. Now I”€™m a Holocaust denier. When I told Mediaite I wasn”€™t, the headline became “€œI”€™m not a Holocaust-denying Nazi!”€ The Washington Square News claimed I was known for my “€œcontroversial political opinions on women’s rights, the Holocaust and Nazis.”€ I believe the last part was based on a tweet I made that said, “€œThe demand for Nazis is much higher than the supply.”€ Children desperate for fascists have taken this to mean I believe there should be more Nazis. I told them I was going to sue, and the editor Diamond Naga Siu said she was “€œpersonally re-reviewing with the author the basis for the article to determine whether and to what extent a correction is needed.”€ I looked up a picture of Diamond and realized she was the Asian girl snapping photos earlier. Her pictures were later described as being submitted by an “€œanonymous student”€ as proof I was crying. When I pointed this out, the editorial board ran a feature entitled “€œMcInnes: You Are Not A Nazi, Please Stop Harassing Us.”€ This is what students are going hundreds of thousands of dollars into debt to learn”€”nothing. The rest of the press was equally useless, especially if it was written by millennials. DNA Info decided that it was all my fault. In a racial reversal of Colin Flaherty’s Don”€™t Make the Black Kids Angry, they claimed,

McInnes insisted on interacting with the protesters, “€œbrusquely”€ refusing to use a side entrance that NYU officials had arranged for him after seeing growing calls on social media for protesters to assemble out front.

Instead, he demanded to barge through the protesters to the front door with a large entourage he insisted on bringing.

“€œVirtually all the violence that took place was a result of that decision,”€ the witness said.

My buddy Sal was arrested after attacking Noah Hurowitz, the reporter who wrote this. I”€™m told Noah demanded respect because he had “€œpress credentials.”€ Sal allegedly tore them off the reporter’s neck, threw them away, and said, “€œNot anymore.”€ Sal is due back in criminal court April 3 and will likely get away with a violation.

Yes, it’s true we took the front door when a secret side door had been provided for us. We also sang Broadway tunes as we made our way through the mob. This is America. We”€™re not ashamed to have an open discussion because we have agency. This is precisely the reason none of these retarded children want to debate us. They know they”€™re wrong and they know it’s just fashion. My colleague at Rebel Media Ezra Levant recently went through the exact same ordeal up in Canada. He says the Nazi straw-man stuff is dangerous and cites the cops who were murdered by BLM rhetoric. I disagree. I think this is a bunch of stupid kids dressing up as anarchists for Halloween. If I”€™m wrong and they end up killing me, I want my gravestone to say my name, the years I was alive, and the words “€œHoly shit, Ezra was right.”€


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