June 02, 2012

In a sense Africa is simply reverting to type. Prior to the colonial era most Africans lived in rural fiefdoms commanded by chiefs who ruled on a whim with absolute and savage power. There were no courts to speak of, no elections, few property rights, and little protection of the individual. Freedom was a foreign concept. European colonials in some cases halted and in others merely constrained this process, but they at least introduced variable degrees of order. This has dissipated.

The answer to Africa’s gloom is obvious: Reinstate the rule of law through intervention that leads to effective governance. We now know that African leaders, no matter how much financial assistance is provided, are seldom capable of this endeavor, so it has to come from outside.

Europe now needs to take this problem by the scruff of the neck and not only through altruism. Europe faces the same sort of problem as the Western Cape does in containing an immigrant onslaught which is already causing civil unrest, straining structures, and draining resources. This has led to economic collapse in some countries. The only possibility of reversing this trend is if they intervene in the African homelands and engage in making these countries orderly and prosperous.

This could provide a platform for economic growth in Africa which will provide work for thousands of poor Africans. These Africans will then have reason to stay at home rather than run. Who knows? Brazzaville may become more appealing than Brixton, Malabo better than Milan, and Bangui more comfortable than the banlieues of Paris.

Unpalatable as it may be, without the intervention of “€œwhite”€ governance skills, there is little hope for Africa.



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