April 26, 2016

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They live in a lot of neighborhoods now”€”in Italy, for instance, and apparently Catholic kids there are even more poorly catechized than I was because holy shit:

The Catholic Internet newspaper “€˜Il Sussidiario”€™ reported from…an Italian middle school. The 25 students are all 13 years of age.

The teacher told her students that the [Islamic State] destroyed all Christian symbols and threatened everyone who was not willing to convert to Islam with death. She also did not conceal that many Christians were killed, exiled or enslaved because of their faith by IS.

At the end she asked the students a question:

“€œWhat do you would if the IS came to your home?”€…

Without hesitation, 23 students declared that they would convert to Islam. “€œ23 students were of this opinion, only two resisted. They came from practicing Catholic families.”

Joking”€””€œWhat do you expect from Italians?”€ “€œPractice harder!”€”€”aside, do I dare shake my head (while I still can) in disgust?

I feel a little more confident, however, reminding those commenters who claimed they”€™d just pretend to convert but keep secretly practicing Christianity that, sorry, that is not an actual option.

Anyhow, I sent my friend a suggestion for his daughter’s name: St. Quiteria. She and her nine sisters formed a gang, legend has it,

to travel around breaking Christians out of jail. They spent a number of years in this task (and smashing Roman idols) until they were caught and returned to their father, who recognized them. He told them all to marry good Roman pagans but they refused and broke out of jail. Then the real badass began. They waged a guerilla war against the Roman Empire. Eventually, the girls were all killed or died.

Quiteria herself was beheaded.

That’s the story, anyway. Maybe it’s just made up. Maybe it isn”€™t.

Maybe it doesn”€™t really matter.


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