June 03, 2017

Source: Bigstock

What an irony that Trump said, while in Saudi, that “terrorists and extremists and THOSE WHO GIVE THEM AID AND COMFORT must be driven out.” That asshole Salman, posing as a king, should have taken a bow. After the Orlando massacre in a gay nightclub, where 49 men were killed, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, a black American, never once mentioned the word “Islam.” “His motives may never be known,” was as far as she went. Ditto Obama after the San Bernardino killings: He urged Congress to pass stricter gun laws, never mentioning the fact that the killings were committed by husband-and-wife scumbags who had been radicalized in Saudi and the Middle East.

Abedi was known to the fuzz, but what good did it do those innocent young girls who lost their lives so cruelly after the concert? Had he been thrown in jail once he had taken to reciting Islamic prayers loudly in the streets, after having just returned from Libya, all those poor kids would still be alive.

See what I mean by political correctness being the main culprit? Our leaders are such hypocrites that I, for one, have given up. I thought Trump might do something, but then he goes and genuflects to the Saudis and then tells the Israelis—who started the whole mess by grabbing other people’s lands fifty years ago this week, the longest occupation of modern times—how well they’re doing, and yes, do start a peace process with those you’ve stolen land from. Well, I was never very good at picking horses, but I did pick well where the fairer sex is concerned. Close the borders and stick those who have traveled south in jail.

The best news I’ve had in a long time was from Montana, which, along with Wyoming and Texas, is one of my favorite states. Greg Gianforte, newly elected to Congress, finally did to the obnoxious, dishonest, and aggressive Guardian hack Ben Jacobs what decent souls should have done a long time ago: body-slammed the liar to the floor. Jacobs is a pimp who deserved much worse, the least being a punch in his hook nose. Let’s keep Gianforte in Congress forever.


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