April 11, 2014

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This is something conservatives seem more worried about than liberals, but both need to learn how the Internet works. We were told the fat girl on the fingering box will have to live with those pictures for the rest of her life, but try to Google them right now. They”€™re not there. Yes, your Facebook profile may come up during job interviews, but you control the pictures on your page. The only time public nudity follows you forever is when you”€™re famous enough for people to care. Public sluttery is not going to hurt her job prospects in the future. It’s going to hurt her vagina now.


The political spectrum is awash with terrible ideas on how to prevent this. The liberals have decided sluts are empowered, and the whole thing is a groovy love-fest you”€™d have to be a fascist to avoid. The Republicans have convinced themselves their kids are above such vulgar filth and refuse to notice when those same kids sneak away without permission.
Libertarians are realistic to a fault, and after conveying how horrible it is to both their sons and daughters, they throw up their hands and send them off to what is essentially a drunken rape convention. You can deny them the funds to go down but Spring Break is nothing more than a long drive away. It’s virtually free.

They may not literally be “€œhuman garbage”€ but the truth is, the vast majority of the girls at Spring Break show absolutely no respect for themselves. It’s a place where rape is virtually impossible to prove and women are seen as blow-up dolls. They say your job as a father is to keep your daughter “€œoff the pole,”€ but this is way worse than stripping. It’s free whores for boys.  If your daughter makes it down there, you”€™ve failed.

So, what’s the solution? Well, I for one am going to focus all my attention on my daughter and hopefully instill our relationship with enough respect for her to see breaking my heart as simply not worth it. As far as my sons go, I”€™ll hope they”€™ll feel above Spring Break by that time and have much more interesting things going on. I know I did.

What is so infuriating about this debate is to watch ideology trump reality. Once again, the rhetoricians are hurting the people they purport to help. All the rhetoric in the world isn”€™t going to turn boys and girls into gentle hermaphrodites. By pretending young girls are exactly the same as young men, you are putting young girls in danger. Today’s Spring Break is nothing like anything that came before it. It is a decadent jungle where predators go to seek the weak. To put your son in that situation is lame. To put your daughter there is downright unconscionable.



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