July 22, 2017

St. James's Park, London

St. James's Park, London

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Since the catastrophic George W. Bush decision to invade Iraq, Israeli activities in Jordan, Syria, the West Bank, Egypt, and the Gulf can no longer be viewed in isolation from one another. However great the blunder of 2003, George W. managed to legitimize Israeli policies among Arabs who had sworn eternal enmity to the Zion state. In fact, they’ve all become secret Arab allies, and Israel is no longer viewed as the central problem plaguing the Middle East. According to great democracies such as Saudi Arabia and the UAR, it’s Iran and its client state of Syria that are the causes of all evil in that sweaty part of the world.

Not so fast, says the great Middle East scholar Taki. Incidentally, does anyone reading this remember a place called Palestine, and how its inhabitants lost their land to the Zionists, who cried foul and asked for American help while evicting Palestinians from their birthplace? Nah, I didn’t think so. Well, Iran is now the bogeyman because the Saudis said so, and we know that the Saudis are never wrong, plus they just pulled off a major victory when they killed hundreds of camels caught between their sands and those of Qatar.

Iran is not an Arab country, nor is it an expansionist power. It tries to protect the Shiites spread all over the Middle East, and also supports militias that resist Israeli aggression, such as Hezbollah and Hamas. The latter are called terrorist organizations by the state of Israel, no stranger to terrorizing its neighbors, and by Uncle Sam, also known to bomb so-called enemies to smithereens from 30,000 feet. In Iraq, all Iran did was fill the vacuum after the Americans overthrew Saddam and left. That was to be expected as, after all, Shiites are in the majority in Iraq, a small detail that escaped the great mind of the man who decided to attack Iraq in the first place.

But not to worry. Both Lord Lamont, an ex–Chancellor of the Exchequer, and I know the score, which means everything will be hunky-dory in the Middle East sooner rather than later. Yippee!


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