October 22, 2016

Source: Bigstock

In New York City alone, blacks, though 23 percent of the city population, commit over three-quarters of all shootings. Add the Hispanics and you account for 90 percent of all shootings in the city. Whites, who make up 34 percent of the people, commit less than 2 percent of the shootings. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what has to be done. So what has to be done? Well, first of all, to forbid Hillary’s mantra about systemic racism. She and other hustlers like her have spread the big lie that blacks are far more likely to be arrested, charged, and incarcerated than whites for doing the same thing. If the woman about to be president of the U.S. spreads such falsehoods, why shouldn’t a race hustler like Al Sharpton do the same?

Law and order are breaking down—there have been Central Park rapes like the bad old days since I’ve been here—in inner cities as officers are surrounded by hostile, jeering crowds as soon as they get out of their cars to conduct an investigation. It’s called the Ferguson Effect. And it works. Crime has shot up as cops choose to “depolice.”

And then you have the artsy-fartsy crowd of African-Americans who can do no wrong with Hollywood or the networks. When William Styron wrote The Confessions of Nat Turner he was in a state of tremendous anxiety in creating the character. He tried to imagine what the character would have been like in real life. The complexity of the situation is missing in a film just out by a black director, Nate Parker. The subtlety is missing and the novel is buried and none of the Styron questions are shown. Parker fails to look at himself and takes the easy way out. Massive rage, homicidal violence become the core of his being. Not the Nat Turner I read about.

Earlier this year, it came to light that director, writer, and star Parker was accused of raping a fellow student at Penn. His partner was found guilty, Parker got away with it. The girl later committed suicide. Parker should do a movie about Cromartie and stop spreading the message that all black people are considered criminals by the United States.


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