August 14, 2014

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And speaking of Fox, while belittling John McCain makes for low-hanging red meat (not to mix metaphors), their editorial department seems firmly committed to his premise that “€™Merica needs to go big or go home. The meaning of the word “€œirony”€ has become muddled in recent years, so can someone tell me: Is it ironic when Fox News cheers for America to get bogged down in the type of expensive Asian land war that al-Qaeda hoped to bankrupt us with all along?

Still, war is perhaps a too-grandiose term for the latest adventure in Iraq. “€œA war,”€ Bill Hicks quipped with regard to the first installment of this trilogy of terror, “€œis when two armies are fighting.”€ The elite Republican Guard were quickly forgotten, as were the Fedayeen Saddam, who today’s college freshmen would be forgiven for thinking were creatures from one of the Dune sequels written by Herbert’s distinctly less talented son.

Something tells me that ISIS will be forgotten as quickly as anthrax letters.

It’s no mistake that the age of democracy coincides with the age of total war. Nor is it any mistake that the age of the modern welfare state coincides with the age of perpetual war. Why, after all, should saving the world end at our borders, which won”€™t exist for much longer anyway?

The only question is just how much money the government will flush down the toilet, how many young lives they”€™ll destroy, and”€”perhaps most important”€”how much bigger they”€™ll make the mess that will inevitably need “€œfixing”€ again sooner rather than later. 


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