January 23, 2015

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Mac died soon after that, and in a moment of despair Louis awoke to a vision of angels singing in the clouds. He hearkened back to this vision after the war when he was considering abandoning atheism, resentment, and the haze of alcohol he was drowning himself in.

In the movie, we see three tired guys grab a seagull, have a bit of shark, and sleep a lot. There is no shark fighting and no great white. The angels are reduced to some amorphous clouds. I assume all this watering down happened because the filmmakers thought the shark fighting would be too fantastical for the audience. They probably wouldn”€™t believe it if they saw a man fighting sharks. So what? Go look it up, kiddies. Louis”€™ stories have been well documented by several different sources. Hillenbrand did dozens and dozens of interviews.

Was the Christianity excluded because it wasn”€™t multicultural enough? Spreading the word of God consumed 65 years of Zamperini’s life. America is 83% Christian. That’s relevant. Do the math, Angelina Jolie.

They took the bullshitting out of the Chris Kyle story because they didn”€™t want to offend the Republicans who worship him. They removed Zamperini’s truant youth and postwar alcoholism for the same reason. In Louis”€™ case, they went even further and removed the shark fights for being larger than life, then killed the overt Christianity to please the Democrats. This is not what heroes are made of. Heroes are brash, reckless, imperfect, and totally inspiring. That’s why we love them, warts and all.


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