April 09, 2016

Central Park, New York

Central Park, New York

Source: Bigstock

More earthshaking discoveries by American women: The acts American girls are engaging in, things like oral sex and sexting, tend to be staged for boys’ enjoyment. (I sure like to think so, although I don’t sext.) Many American girls say that after they’ve had sex or administered oral sex to boys, they’ve had little satisfaction and sense that the boys have been in charge. Duhhhhh! American women who research such matters now write that having a “penis in my mouth is hard to consider impersonal.” I imagine so, although I’ve never had one in my mouth. These same types of women also write that “it’s pornography which teaches boys to expect constantly willing, fully waxed girls to imitate all those arched backs and movie perfect moans.” Well, I don’t watch porn a lot, in fact almost never, but I do expect an arched back once in a while.

The trouble with modern feminists is that they believe they’ve invented the wheel. Girls have always felt guilty after giving a blow job, but grateful they didn’t have to go all the way. Alcohol has always played a big part in seduction. Boys have always been more judgmental after sex than girls. That’s because they had an orgasm and the girls didn’t. Next time just ask Taki.


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