February 05, 2016

Source: Shutterstock

In the “€œLove Has No Labels”€ ad campaign, we see two skeletons kiss and our minds are supposed to explode when we learn it’s two women. Nobody cares in real life. When gays in camo hold hands in Alabama, they don”€™t get a fist to the face. They get a fist pump from a dude who says, “€œY”€™all are the most punk rock gay couple I”€™ve ever seen in my life.”€ We don”€™t ostracize black people from Oscar ceremonies. We cram them into so many movies and shows that Americans assume there are twice as many black people as there actually are.

We”€™ve all noticed general patterns, so stop making us pay tax dollars to pretend they aren”€™t there. It’s okay to develop an aversion to a group of people or their culture, but when it comes to the individual we take them at face value and it’s not just out of benevolence. We start with a clean slate because we are all way too greedy to deny ourselves a potential friend or employee who might make our life better. Even if 100% of our natural prejudices don”€™t wash away and there’s still a thin film of reticence, it can”€™t hold a candle to the wildly unpredictable prejudices we all have. None of these supposed abnormalities could be corrected by government, so let’s focus on the right because they are clearly the lesser of two evils.


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