October 25, 2016

Source: Bigstock

Being away from home for the first time, given a new vocabulary specifically designed to express grievances, and “€œsafe spaces”€ in which to do so, it is no wonder that genuine victims of sexual (or some lesser form of) abuse (or neglect, or even their parents”€™ divorce) act out.

If you”€™ve ever thought, observing campus crazies from the hippies on up, that they”€™re mad at their daddies about something, you might have been closer to the truth than you know, or want to. Yelling about “€œthe patriarchy”€ and “€œcampus rape culture”€ is a psychologically close-enough “€œknockoff,”€ providing a more or less approved outlet for organically grown, pent-up fury.

I also think, but obviously can”€™t prove, that the precocious sexuality that’s apparently commonplace among African-Americans partially fuels the Black Lives Matter movement. Again: We all know that the particular cases they tend to go, well, ballistic about are the ones with the least merit. But the facts and statistics clearly don”€™t matter. So what if much of this unhinged, sometimes fatal inner-city hysteria springs from faulty sexual wiring?

Early days, it became faddish to connect Islamic terrorism and sexual frustration, remember? Was that dumb? Am I just as guilty of projecting my own personal shit on society with this theory as the people I”€™m theorizing about?


But first, go vote for The Thing. Because we can”€™t let the Japs win in the end, right?


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