September 20, 2013

Nina Davuluri

Nina Davuluri

During WWII, we all hated the enemy equally. Sometimes we went too far and stole Japanese Americans’ land after separating them from their families. Mostly, it was good-natured pride as everyone from Mickey Mouse to Superman joined the patriotic fight against the enemy. Today, the enemy is Muslim but Americans are sophisticated enough to understand the ones here are not the same as the ones there.

This country could afford to be more dubious of Islam. One of the reasons Fort Hood happened was that the shooter’s fellow officers were too scared of sounding racist to criticize his strange behavior. The Boston Bombers may have started out Muslim back in Chechnya, but many reports say their radical Islamism blossomed in the States. Here in New York, virtually all cab drivers are Muslim and my wife and I were once asked to leave for kissing inside of a taxi. Some drivers still refuse to transport alcohol.

Despite all the justification we have for being intolerant, America keeps saying, “Good morning” to anyone who doesn’t tread on them. When NBC hires actors to put on Muslim garb and become hate-crime victims at a NASCAR event, the attendees smile and politely walk past. When ABC hires an actor to go into a diner and encourage others to be as anti-Muslim as him, he gets called an “ass-wipe” and eventually a soldier in uniform says, “You have a choice to shop anywhere just like he has a choice to practice his religion anywhere. That’s the reason I wear the uniform”€”so anyone can live free in this country.” This is an accurate depiction of America today, not what some zombiephobes think.

If you’re looking for intolerance, you may want to check in with the Muslims you think everyone’s refusing to tolerate. In June, the Miss World competition being held in Indonesia canceled the bikini competition after Muslim protests. CBS’ take on the whole thing was that Jakarta is “a tolerant, pluralist society.” Apparently they had not been made hip to the child rape problem going on over there. In a rare display of rational thought, Muslims unveiled their own beauty pageant on Wednesday and proved that women look ugly in ridiculous costumes

During an episode of Red Eye, Dennis Prager told me, “€œThe difference between us and them is they think we”€™re evil. We just think they”€™re wrong.”€ Liberal media hates us with a passion and we just want to help them understand how stupid they”€™re being. I believe that deep down they know Islamophobia is not a problem but they want it to be true. They want it to be true because it would justify the seething hatred they feel within for those of us who disagree with them, AKA The Average American. Sorry guys, not gonna bite. You”€™re the hatemongers and in the end, you have to live with your hatred.



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