June 27, 2014

In fact, the first draft of this essay included the quip, “€œThough no mass murderers.”€ But what is the American immigration policy if not slow-motion mass murder? Many of those “€œchildren”€ on the border getting free room and board (and cots upon which to fornicate with one another) aren”€™t exactly Norman Rockwell models; they”€™re hard-core gang members.

The Obama Administration recently freed from its custody 36,000 illegals who between them had been convicted for 88,000 offenses, many of them violent, to roam a street near you, where they apparently shall be at liberty to steal, rape, and murder some more.

Right now, almost as this is being read, somewhere in Washington there are meetings about how to pass amnesty without publicly referring to it as such. The main thing, even in spite of the Cantor upset, is whether it is wiser to piecemeal it past citizens or shove it down their throats all at once. Will the average American get fed up before the legislators get it all through, thus arguing for a single bill, or can it be leveraged with enough district goodies to keep the people placated long enough to pass multiple bills?

What does the typical voter do about these and a hundred other outrages? Nothing. Which is precisely what they will be left with sooner than they realize, and it’s exactly what they deserve: double the abuse and no accountability.

There is not a single incumbent worthy of your vote; and even if there were, those genuinely concerned for the state of the nation are approximately one in one hundred among the 535 voting members of the House and Senate. These are ridiculously bad odds no matter what the game, and this one has very high stakes.

Your representative isn”€™t the exception, he’s the problem. As long as you vote for him, so are you.


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