November 10, 2017

Men Of Progress Painting by Christian Schussele

Men Of Progress Painting by Christian Schussele

Hence the need for men to become men again, to check all these hysterical cat ladies who, in an odious state of affairs, are allowed to exercise power. Men must become confident, bold, take-charge, unapologetic—like President Trump. Women will be upset? They will complain? No matter—that’s what women do! For vanity cannot occupy all their time. Necessary changes, moreover, never happen without opposition. Says V.S. Naipaul: “The world is what it is; men who are nothing, who allow themselves to become nothing, have no place in it.” Our time, soft and querulous, has inverted this truth of nature, and we are now on a suicidal path. The only solution is patriarchy, which, after all, will exist here eventually, whether by our own doing or because this geography is overrun by Mexicans or Muslims, or taken over by the Chinese. Yet it will be wondered: What shall become of our feminists? We might use them to man the southern border, the mere sight of them being so fearsome.

The world’s most accomplished and enduring peoples are all characterized by a severe hierarchy, with strong and able men at the top. Our greatest president was General Washington. How unlike that skinny metrosexual Barack Obama, a man who goes home to a bossy and typically bitter black woman after a day spent like a high school guidance counselor, as if there were nothing to wise foreign policy but “good communication.” Alas, feminist man, nobody feels your pain, wretched though your domestic life is.

For Jacob Burckhardt, a brilliant historian, much respected by his younger University of Basel colleague Friedrich Nietzsche,

what makes it generally impossible for the present-day average “educated” man to find anything appealing in the ancient world is the total egoism of today’s private person who wants to exist as an individual and asks of the community only the greatest possible security for himself and his property, for which he pays his taxes amid sighs, and who also likes to attach himself to the community in a specific sense as an “official.”

“Today’s ‘educated men,’” Burckhardt saw,

are firmly resolved to make a bargain, with whatever power, for their existence at any given time. There is an enormous veneration of life and property. There is a mass abdication, and not just on the part of rulers! And there are numerous bargaining positions and concessions against the worst—and all this with great touchiness in matters of recognition and so-called honor.

“With the ancients,” on the contrary, “it was all or nothing, with no fear of disaster. The fall of states, cities, and kings was considered glorious. That is something utterly alien to us.”

If America is to last, an ancient sense of glory in fighting for who we are must reemerge—“all or nothing.” This is the duty of men. We must lead again. We must stop tolerating all this undeserved black resentment. We must stop deferring to women—a practice that, after all, few women respect, but usually equate with weakness—and stop tolerating feminized men, who must be shamed into manhood. We need not less toxic masculinity but more. More warlike men. Men who are not afraid to defend their nation.


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