June 21, 2013

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The last time Iran attacked a foreign country was over 200 years ago. Yet the well-greased American and European media have decided that Iran and the Shiites are the new Visigoths and Western Civilization is about to be obliterated by a country that as far as technology is concerned has produced an Edsel at best. Sunnis in Iraq have been crossing into Syria to fight against Assad.

The Syrian revolution has nothing to do with civil rights, and the 90,000 dead—although I think the number is half that—are the result of a civil war rather than genocide. Far more importantly, the rebels do not have the support or trust of a clear majority of the Syrian people. Ethnic cleansing has taken place under rebel-led militias, and as Vladimir Putin—an expert where Salafist terror is concerned—said, it is far more likely that the rebels have used chemical weapons, not the Assad government which still enjoys the support of many Sunnis who know that under Sharia law their lives and businesses will suffer greatly.

It seems that Uncle Sam will never learn. Nearly 3,000 surface-to-air missiles have disappeared in Libya—two guesses where they are located as I write—and 22,000 shoulder-launched missiles, ditto. But Clinton tells Obama to send more arms. Even if those arms are given to militias friendly to the West, there is still a high chance the weapons will cross between different groups. It is utter folly, but who will remember a Taki’s Mag article warning the West that we’re helping the very baddies that will one day come after us? Christians, Druze, Kurds, and Alawites are all goners once the brilliant Western brains overthrow Assad. It is a sad day when Vladimir Putin shows wisdom and restraint while the clowns of the EU and Washington are offering the rope from which any friend of the West will one day dangle. Saudi and Qatari money has paid for the public-relations campaign against Assad that began five to six years ago. Alas, it is finally bearing fruit.



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