August 11, 2016

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The dude was actually self-shamed into becoming a liberal! Another amazing success, courtesy of shame, the weapon of choice against whitey! As a Jew, an “€œOG”€ (original guilter) of whites, I”€™m embarrassed for you folks. Last year, a dude in Ireland went on a nonlethal ax rampage in his town, telling police he was inspired by my Holocaust work. I”€™m glad he only destroyed inanimate objects, but the truth is, even if he”€™d lopped off the heads of a dozen drunk micks, it wouldn”€™t have made me feel even the slightest bit guilty. The actions of some anonymous loon half a world away are not my responsibility.

Having established how easy it is to shame the white man away from his “€œextremes,”€ we must ask, is it possible to shame the Muslim into renouncing his? Proud whites might answer no. They”€™d likely argue that one can only shame someone who’s civilized, and this explains whitey’s unique susceptibility. Perhaps that’s true. Gandhi’s “€œI will allow you to hit me because the shame you”€™ll feel will be worse than the pain I suffer”€ claptrap certainly worked wonders on the British, but it failed miserably against Muslims (and Gandhi’s own Hindus). So maybe you can only shame the civilized. I mean, how can you shame someone who shits where they stand, as is common practice in India?

But, of course, Muslims do generally consider themselves civilized. So I”€™ll close with a brief anecdote that might help illustrate why I think the all-powerful shame weapon can indeed be used against the AliAkbars. Back in 1999, when direct-mail hucksters like I was at the time still sent out hard-copy catalogs via regular mail, my local printer was a Pakistani gentleman. A very nice fellow, he and I would often chat as I waited for an order to be completed. One time, after seeing my Holocaust catalogs and assuming correctly that I”€™m Jewish, he told me, “€œYou know, sir, I have nothing at all against the Jews. I am a Muslim, but I respect what you Jews have done. I have many Jewish customers and I welcome them. There is really only one group I truly despise…the fucking niggers. I will tell you this: If my daughter ever brought home one of those fucking animals, I would kill them both. I”€™d rather be in jail for murder than suffer the shame that would be brought upon my family by having my daughter date one of them.”€

Ah, L.A. the “€œmelting pot”€!

Two years later, with 9/11 on everyone’s mind, I asked my tolerant typesetter what he would do if his daughter ever brought home a Muslim who had embraced Islamic extremism. I was trying to make a point, which, of course, was lost on him. “€œI would gently take the young man aside, as a brother,”€ he told me, “€œand explain to him the error of his ways. I would read from the Holy Koran to show him his misunderstanding. I would walk with this man as a mentor until I had cured him of his incorrect beliefs.”€

Of course a Muslim can feel shame. It’s just that they don”€™t feel the same kind of shame about violence in the name of Islam that they feel about other things. Only when ordinary Muslims feel the same type of shame about having jihadists in their family or among their friends and neighbors that my Paki pal felt regarding his daughter dating a black man, can the plague of violence ever truly be reduced in size and severity. And it’s up to the rest of us to employ shame as much as possible in order to bring that day about.

Leftists have shown us that shame as a weapon can move mountains. So let’s go and do likewise. Let’s take that mountain to Muhammad, and drop it square on the shoulders of his followers.


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