May 01, 2012

Woody Allen in Annie Hall

Woody Allen in Annie Hall

Yeah, he would say that, the smarty-pants. And Steven Pinker concurs. The famous Harvard prof insists that anyone who thinks we”€™re stranded on Normal Island in the middle of the Imbecile Ocean “€œneeds a sanity check.”€ After all, isn”€™t it self-evident that humankind”€”fellows such as Pinker recoil from saying “€œman”€”€”is more enlightened than ever before?

I thought the conviction that one’s generation is the most advanced and ingenious in history was a hoary, even dangerous one. (Dr. Pangloss, please pick up the white courtesy phone.)

When you”€™re a Pinker, everything looks like a Flynn. What about the rest of us? Contributor Linda S. Gottfredson (who sounds shockingly intelligent for a sociologist) departed from the “€œbest of all possible worlds”€ script. True, she notes, a handful of brainiacs”€”such as those invited to NYT symposia”€”have cured previously fatal maladies. But, she asks, what good is that if the vast majority can”€™t figure out how to take this medication properly, avoid contracting preventable conditions in the first place”€”or, I would add, are too stupid to live anyhow?

Take these people: A few weeks back, a screenshot of a depressing Twitter thread about Titanic 3D went viral and was greeted as a portent of an approaching (and well-deserved) apocalypse.


Is it bad that I didn”€™t know the titanic was real? Always thought it was just a film.

Guys, the Titanic was real! #mindblown

How am I just finding this out?!

Yes, that Twitter thread was real, too. Some decent souls refused to believe it. I never doubted. Then again, I went to high school with a girl who got it into her tiny head that Abraham Lincoln was black. (Long story. The short version? She was Italian.)

As if in direct response to that tragic unthinking of the Titanic, The Lancet unveiled one of those studies that proves nothing more than “€œmost studies are dumb.”€ To wit: Young people’s brains aren”€™t fully developed until they are 24.

Call me a moron, but were those Brighton mods and rockers rioting over who”€™d made the soundest investments in their retirement portfolios? Hadn”€™t those Lancet researchers, you know, gone to college and already observed and even participated in their own “€œfindings”€ firsthand?

Remember when we had to change “€œretarded”€ to “€œspecial”€? That new S-word is a euphemism for the old S-word, namely, “€œstupid,”€ which is now considered a more scandalous utterance than the formerly forbidden four-letter original starting with “€œD.”€ Which we still hear all around us these days. Because morons are everywhere. And they love to swear.

So people are getting dumber in directly inverse proportion to our capacity to tell them so?


Perhaps humans have bemoaned each other’s metastasizing idiocy for centuries and I”€™m too stupid to realize it.

Maybe stupidity is like craziness: If we”€™re still capable of wondering if we”€™re all getting dumber, how dumb can we really be?

Great. Now my head hurts.



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