June 07, 2013

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Amid myriad other things, here’s something else the hairy contingent doesn’t know: About 15 years after our first meeting, my friend Charles Fix and I visited Paul’s offices in the Big Bagel. He was playing with his infant son on all fours and although very polite, he was concentrating on the baby, not Fix, who was asking for precise details. On our way down Charles, with whom I was invested, told me he was getting out. “His priorities have changed,” was the way he put it.

Another twenty years later, Paul has to eat humble pie for saying something he knew to be true having gone through it himself. The hairy ones attacked him for amassing a great fortune while “4 in 10 families with children under the age of 18 are now headed by women who are the sole or primary breadwinners.” So what does this have to do with Tudor Jones? It’s like him saying although he could afford ten, one hundred, one thousand nannies, he preferred to take care of his baby himself. Women have choices and they decide for themselves; they don’t need the ugly brigade to till at windmills. All he said is that once a mother holds the baby in her arms, the ticker tape is a bad memory.

Basically, the backlash against Paul is about income inequality. Men mostly comprise the very, very top, and although I can’t prove it, I know that more than half of the great hedge-fund fortunes were built on insider trading. It just so happened that the hysterical ones picked on by far the most honest and decent person in Wall Street. Typical? Absolutely.

And while on hysterics, I read in the Daily Telegraph that an Israeli official has accused the British Foreign Office of anti-Semitism. I thought that was stop-the-presses kind of news. It’s unheard-of for Israel to accuse people of anti-Semitism. After Count Bernadotte’s murder in Jerusalem by the Stern Gang—Yitzhak Shamir to be exact—a Swedish newspaper denounced the killing in a very moderate tone and was compared to Himmler by the usual suspects. Now the Israelis are screaming anti-Semitism because they continue to build houses on lands that don’t belong to them. They are ethnically cleansing parts of the West Bank, hence the preemptive crying wolf.

William Hague, who obviously suffers from sunstroke (from a sun bed, not that English orange thing no one has seen in months) and says he wants to send arms to radical Islamists in Syria, has bent over backwards to sign scientific cooperation agreements with Israel. He should put lots of ice on his head, not go under sun beds, publicly eat his words against the last secular leader in the Middle East, Assad, and tell the Israelis if they continue to accuse his office of anti-Semitism, they might get what they’ve been whining about these last 65 years. As Paul Tudor Jones said, “end of story.”



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