July 26, 2016

Gene Kelly

Gene Kelly

Ray Harryhausen’s creatures can appear uncannily sentient, even as their jerky movements betray the painstaking process that created them.

Looking at Judy Garland veritably extrude “€œAs Long as He Needs Me”€ and you”€™re shocked that “€œaneurism”€ wasn”€™t listed as her cause of death.

I will watch any film featuring Nicolas Cage or Bette Davis. Cage calls his acting style “€œWestern kabuki,”€ and indeed, we connoisseurs view his spastic fits and eccentric (or just plain lousy) accents as features, not bugs. As for Davis, she never “€œdisappeared”€ into her character à la Merle Streep. Rather”€”because, whatever her character’s station in life, be it slattern or queen, she never altered her stately walk“€”you”€™re not permitted to forget that you are enjoying the great privilege of Watching Bette Davis Act.

My inclinations aren”€™t standardized. I despise pompous blowhard Bruce Springsteen, for instance, with his overwrought music and triathlon concerts. (And I share the unpopular opinion that Bob Seger is better.)

Like any bore with bad taste, I could go on like this at greater length. But the honest, non-hack fact is this: I have to start work right now.


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