May 30, 2016

Source: Courtesy of YouTube

This is not to say that the black community is innocent”€”far from it. In a virulently anti-Asian rap song called “Black Korea,” chubby superstar rapper and family-movie star Ice Cube instructs a “little Chinese motherfucker” to “pay respect to the black fist/or we’ll burn your store right down to a crisp.” The song was released mere months after the 1991 LA Riots in which several mobs of marauding Afro-Americans attacked, looted, and immolated several Korean stores. The mass black temper tantrum that were the LA Riots cost Korean storeowners an estimated $400 million, even though none of them had laid a finger on Rodney King or Ice Cube.

There was also a 2010 string of attacks involving black teens beating elderly Asians in California and New York. And Shaquille O’Neal’s shameless race-mocking of Chinese basketball player Yao Ming. And the Black Law Student Association’s unfortunate mass e-mailing of a meme image showing an Asian man saying “ABBA REE I CAN FRYYY” (“I believe I can fly.”) And at the most recent Academy Awards, Chris Rock made a problematic joke implying that Asian children are intelligent.

When will the madness end? How can American blacks and Asians overcome their differences to unite as people of color against their common enemy, the people of no color?

Sure, there are superficial differences between these communities. These include the fact that the average Asian IQ in America is a hefty 20 points or so above the average black IQ. And Asians’ median household income is more than double that of black households. And on average, they score about 370 points higher on the SATs than black Americans do. But these are superficial differences that have absolutely nothing to do with innate genetic differences between these two groups”€”that is a discredited and debunked canard peddled by white supremacists. I know this because Tim Wise told me, and everyone knows he’d never lie in the service of his own ethnocentric agenda.

It is thus clear to me and all likeminded allies of social justice and racial progress that Asians and blacks need to transcend their quantifiable and very substantial differences in measurable intelligence and income in order to form a common bond and a common purpose. They must immediately cease being mean to one another so that they can unite in the greater cause of being mean to white people.


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