Alex Kurtagic

Alex Kurtagic

Alex Kurtagic is the author of the novel Mister and is the founder and director of Supernal Music. He lives in England

Yes, Africa Must Go To Hell

I welcome James Jackson's courage in pointing out the fact that Africa's chronic dysfunction is the result of, not white European rule in the past, but black Africans rule in the present"€”that, rather than its being the result of European colonialism and post-imperial indifference, as is the ...

Volk the System!

I read with interest R. J. Stove's recent blog about new a book by Gerd Bayer, Heavy Metal Music in Britain, and I would like to add my own remarks to Mr. Devin Reid Saucier's apposite reply. As I pointed in my previous article on Black Metal, and as Devin iterated a few days ago, much has changed ...

White Noise

I was once asked to imagine what the world would look like today had North American settlers snubbed the African slave traders in the 18th and 19th centuries. We can let our imaginations run wild with speculation, but one thing is certain: had the slave markets in Africa been starved of custom, our ...


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