Evan McLaren

Evan McLaren

The Rise of Ron Paul Republicans

Two weeks ago Murray Sabrin announced his candidacy for the U.S. Senate in New Jersey. Sabrin is a business professor at Ramapo College and a high profile fixture among right-wing super-libertarians, having moonlighted at their outfits"€”FEE, the Ludwig von Mises Institute, LewRockwell.com, and ...

Mike Huckabee’s Social Democracy

Sensitized students on my campus have been complaining about Mike Huckabee's recent remarks on the topics of gay marriage and the Christian character of the Constitution. By way of overtures to populist evangelicals whose votes he sorely needed in South Carolina, Huckabee has affirmed his support ...

PC Ditto Heads

In November, I heard Robert F. Kennedy Jr. hold forth before a full auditorium at Kenyon College. RFK Jr. appears to rank second only to Al Gore in rabid environmentalist enthusiasm. It was he who last summer iterated what all of us knew already: that those who disagree with the environmental lobby ...


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