Jack Salem

Jack Salem

Jack Salem, a New York native, moved to California as a teenager, received his bachelor’s degree from UCLA, and studied marketing and advertising at the University of Southern California and Columbia University. He later spent a glorious summer studying philosophy at Oxford University. When his children were 9 and 10, he and his wife spent their life savings on a year-long grand tour of Europe. He spent many years as owner of his own specialty-advertising corporation. He now spends his time researching and writing. His first novel, Heirs to the Pushcart Fortune was published in 2007. His new novel, Pausing For A Backward Glance was published in April 2011.

No Place for Hyphenated Americans

Two lovable mobsters in Cole Porter’s musical Kiss Me, Kate sing a song with the following refrain:Brush up your Shakespeare Start quoting him now. Brush up your Shakespeare And the girls you will wow. I’m too old to wow any girls, but I’m trying to keep senescence at bay by ...


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