High Life

Trauma Drama

GSTAAD—Lord Belhaven and Stenton, a wonderful man and the quintessential English gentlem...
Sir Stanley Matthews


Football Fancies

Sometimes I think of football (soccer), though I have no interest in it. This is because i...
Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart

Wokewashing White America

Radical liberal activists are in your head. They’ve conquered what passes for “mainstr...


The Week That Perished

The Week’s Testiest, Zestiest, and Unrestiest Headlines “BRED FOR SUPERIORITY” MEET...

High Life

Travel Travails

GSTAAD—While Chekhovian boredom ruled supreme, the loss of my luggage brought instant re...


Killer Stats

The results are now in on The Establishment’s vast gamble of declaring 2020 to be the ye...


The Week That Perished

The Week’s Shakiest, Bakiest, and Deepfakiest Headlines BLACKS BLAST BUSTED BUST 2020 w...

High Life

What Is Racist?

While nonstop sermons aimed at whites to wash away their original sin of racism are on ful...

Deep Thoughts

Life’s a Boar

On Christmas Day I sat by the fire in my house in France and read a charming little book, ...

Deep Thoughts

Now What?

By most accounts, 2020 was one of the most tumultuous years in living memory, so people ar...


The Week That Perished

The Week’s Most Trending, Offending, and Year-Ending Headlines BLACK SWAN LAKE The ball...


Pick Your Pronoun

Most of the time that I have spent informing myself about the world we live in, with only ...

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