Meg Hansen

Meg Hansen

Meg Hansen is a Visiting Senior Fellow at the Danube Institute in Budapest, Hungary. Previously, she served as president of a public policy research institute in Vermont. Her writings on U.S. and global current affairs have appeared in various regional newspapers and online publications such as American Spectator, The American Conservative, The Daily Caller, Print Magazine, and KevinMD. She began her career by training as a medical doctor (MBBS – British equivalent of an MD) and holds graduate degrees in the humanities from Dartmouth College and Polimoda (Florence, Italy).

Brussels Shows Budapest Who’s Boss

During the 2004–07 waves of expansion, the European Union (EU) welcomed ten countries of the former Soviet bloc along with Cyprus and Malta. “Old Europe” sought to rebuild the post-communist countries using the carrot of financial assistance and the stick of political servitude. The latter ...


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