Timothy Covell

Timothy Covell

The Texas Textbook Debate

On March 12, the Texas State Board of Education voted along party lines to revise the state's social studies curriculum. The new standards for history textbooks, which reflect the board's conservative bent, have elicited howls from the left for what many are calling historical revisionism. Among ...

Bing Maps: Borgesian Fantasy or Nightmare?

At a conference last month in Long Beach, Cailfornia, Blaise Aguera y Arcas, architect of Microsoft's Bing Maps, demonstrated a host of exciting features for the mapping site, which hopes to use its more fluid zooming capabilities and a smorgasbord of new applications to compete with market leaders ...

German Teen’s Plagiarism: Not Just A “€˜Mash-Up”€™

For those unaware, the literary world is currently aflutter over a scandal involving yet another freshman novelist accused of plagiarism.  Helene Hegemann, daughter of famed German dramatist Carl Hegemann, recently released her debut novel Axolotl Roadkill, which is currently working its way ...


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