John Wayne


The Week That Perished

Even though black women outlive white men in America, and even though the greatest threat to black people in America is other black people, a lot of dingbats in places both high and low have gobbled down the ludicrous fiction that America might as well be the Khmer Rouge and black people might as well be counterrevolutionary Cambodian peasants.

High Life

An Uphill Battle

GSTAAD—A friend of mine who lives here wants to start a literary festival and asked me i...
Chestnut trees


Bees With Degrees

This year, as last, bees—tens of thousands of them—made their home between a window in...


Jewicide Bombers

On Sept. 27, 1979, professional Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel presented his formal report...


The Week That Perished

Then, when it became very clear that the real intent of the exemption was to expose black people to coronavirus and make them easier to identify in criminal lineups, the county reversed their decision to exempt peeps o’ color.

Roman Polanski

High Life

Q and A-holes

GSTAAD—I thought of Nietzsche while the mayhem and destruction of monuments were going o...
Trevor Noah


Class Homicide

Beit Hall at Plumtree School is a beautiful old building built at considerable cost over 1...

Looking Back

1968 Again

I have never been quite able to make up my mind whether there is no new thing under the su...

Apocalypse Now

Man to Monkey

It was very predictable that after months of house arrest and a 24/7 fear campaign, any sp...


The Week That Perished

Google has begun punishing “far-right” websites not only for their articles, but for whatever commenters say under the articles—which is almost impossible to police twenty-four hours a day.

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