Kevin DeAnna

Kevin DeAnna

Kevin DeAnna is the founder of Youth for Western Civilization and is a field representative for the Leadership Institute. He received his bachelor's degree at the College of William & Mary and is currently a graduate student in International Relations at American University.


Is It a Revolution?

The doctor shoved the syringe into the old man's neck.  He collapsed in convulsions before lying still. The Grim Reaper cackled surprisingly loudly in the background, as President Obama (or at least someone with a mask that looked like him) ...


The Alternative Right

And the impossibility of conservatism. It's 1964. A stranger approaches and tells you two political movements will arise in the near future, the New Left and the New Right. One of these movements will dominate American politics for a good quarter ...


Dispatch from Knob Creek

Dave Weigel has a typically vivid piece about what the Knob Creek machine gun shoot was like this year, capturing the mix of gunnies, gawkers, conspiracy nuts, and folks looking for cheap ammo.  Arguably, the profile of the audience at Knob ...


I Saw Iceland Melt

The annoying thing about tear gas is that it doesn"€™t hit you all at once. They had used a smoke grenade before that and so you assumed it was just another one. You cough slightly at first, so slightly you don"€™t think about it. Then you ...


Anti-Fascist Airplane!

The Two Minutes of Hate began in Ballston before the movie even began, when the previews of Oliver Stone's W. hit the screen.  My brief speculation as to the political leanings of the crowd dissipated, as the Republican faithful screamed in ...


Libertarianism Shrugged

My friend Dave Weigel has a revealing post at Reason's "€œHit & Run"€ blog about Ron Paul's long-overdue endorsement of Chuck Baldwin. Weigel refers the scornful commentators at "€œHit & Run"€ to some "€œunfiltered Chuck"€ ...


Rules for Radicals

I reported to registration to receive my official totebag, T shirt, and condoms. In the bustle, I was only able to grab three packs, but luckily, Students for a Sensible Drug Policy and NARAL were handing out prophylactics in the display area ...

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