Michael Scheuer

Michael Scheuer

A twenty-plus-year CIA veteran, Scheuer headed the agency.


Moscow, no doubt, delights in the U.S. military's reenactment of the Soviet’s Afghan boondoggle. But do America’s failures in the Middle East spell a conflict between the U.S. and Russia in the near future?     When I was a boy my Dad often would say: "€œDon"€™t ...

Stuck in the Cold (McBama’s Nostalgia for the 20th Century)

As president, Barack Obama "€œwould reject the Bush Doctrine of preemption and regime change and replace it with a doctrine of prevention and cooperation and, ladies and gentlemen, this is the biggest ticket item that we have in this election,"€ said Senator Biden on 2 October 2008. Well, as a ...

Afghanistan”€”Where Empire Goes to Die

Because U.S. political leaders are ignorant of history, don"€™t give a hoot about it, or both, Washington's post-9/11 Afghan adventure was based on a plan for occupation and nation-building that history had long ago shown to be the road to defeat. Adding poignancy to the coming disaster is the ...


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