Janeane Garafolo

Afternoon Delight

Garofalo: Guardian of the Lowly Negro

Janeane Garofalo likes her politicians like she likes her coffee…black. In her most recent psychotic attempt to help the black achiever Herman Cain, Garofalo ranted: People like Karl Rove liked to keep the racism very covert. And so ...

Michele Bachmann

Afternoon Delight

Too Pretty for Politics

The American political class is becoming better and better-looking. The trend began back in the heady days of 2008, when that mulatto presidential candidate from Illinois was praised as much for his “dashing” appearance as ...

Afternoon Delight

Let’s Put Warning Labels on Everything!

Yesterday our beneficent and merciful overlords at the US Department of Health and Human Services unveiled to the public a series of grisly images they’ll be forcing the tobacco industry to slap on cigarette packs in the hopes of ...

Linda Christian

Afternoon Delight

No Flowers for Charlie Sheen

Gone are the days when I used to wear a tux to go see a Broadway show. These days I feel overdressed wearing a sport coat and necktie. I used to go to Broadway a lot when I was young. My girlfriend at the time, Linda Christian, was an ...

Afternoon Delight

The Best Christmas Movie You Never Heard Of

Did anyone catch that movie last Sunday morning at ten on the TCM channel? If you did, you are probably still thinking about it like I am. If you missed it, you have a second chance this Friday, Christmas Eve, at high noon. I’m ...

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