Crime and Punishment

Bring Back the Duel

I didn’t go to college, let alone law school. So when I started joking a few years back"€”in response to my own legal troubles"€”that “libel is what we got when we abolished dueling,” I had no idea that’s ...

The Lord Black of Crossharbour

Crime and Punishment

Anti-Black Prejudice

Ex-media mogul and ex-con Conrad Black is doing press for his new book A Matter of Principle, and to watch him skewer the biased media who try to corner him is heavenly. I haven’t seen balls like this since Bill Buckley threatened ...

Anders Behring Breivik

Crime and Punishment

Medicating Morality in Norway

I suspect that Norwegians regard themselves as exceptionally decent and highly civilized. Like the rest of Western Europeans, they eschew the death penalty and cast a horrified glance at unruly places such as Texas and Florida, where ...

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