Damsels in Distress


Return of the WASP Woody Allen

Metropolitan, the 1990 dramedy about a group of chivalrous preppies whose debutante ball after-parties are so articulate and decorous that they might have driven J. Alfred Prufrock to throw a TV out the window like Keith Moon trashing a ...

Rory McIlroy


Golf’s New Boy King

Relax, Tiger. It’s over. The glow is gone. The media has ceased to natter over your personal affairs. Your game is still good, but not great like it once was. End your Sisyphean struggle to win back fans. They’re gone. Now ...

Jessica Lynch


Many Are Called, But Few Are Heroes

The word "€œhero"€ should not apply to every man and woman serving in the military. To blindly term everyone a hero takes away from those who do something extraordinary. It's like saying "€œour boys"€; it takes away from ...

Johnny Depp


More Acting and Less Activism, Please

Don"€™t you hate it when actors get involved in politics? I do, and not only because I usually disagree with their views. I hate it because it ruins the rich fantasy life that actors enjoy in my mind. That old maxim about how one ...

Tom Cruise in Magnolia

PC World

Turning Cads Into Klansmen

I spoke too soon when I reported back in January that women no longer have any problems. The armchair Freedom Riders at the weirdly named Southern Poverty Law Center (or "€œ$PLC"€ as one of its dogged critics prefers) have been ...

Elton John and David Furnish

Bitch, Please!

Gays Against Gay Marriage

Studying news reports of England's recent "€œequality drive"€ to award courtesy titles to gay partners of knights, one gets the sense that all gay people endorse gay marriage. Then again, one gets that sense with all mainstream ...

Pop Music

Jesus Returns (in a Tour Bus)

Christian rock is just like any other music that sucks, except it’s played for Jesus. The other night I peeked into our local arena and found it filled to max capacity for the "€œWinter Jam 2012 Tour Spectacular."€ Maybe ...

Vivien Leigh and Kenneth More in The Deep Blue Sea

High Life

Between Love and Madness

Who was the first to declare that nothing counts a lot and very little counts at all? The cynic and sesquipedalian Alastair Forbes claimed it, but he spoke with a forked tongue. Iris Murdoch hinted that it was hers, but she, too, was ...

Lit Crit

The Rent May Be Too Damn Low

On May 14, 2011, Matthew Yglesias, a prominent Washington, DC liberal blogger and proponent of urban living, was walking home alone after a dinner with fellow pundits when he became the victim of an apparent anti-white racial hate ...

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian


Stars v. Jocks: The Great Dummy Derby

Who's easier to mock"€”athletes or celebrities? It's a neck-and-neck race, each one stretching to be more idiotic than the other. When celebrities and athletes come together, they multiply one another's idiocy. Consider Kim ...

Environmental Snafus

Land of the Setting Sun

Sunday was the first anniversary of the 9.0 earthquake off the east coast of Japan that produced the 45-foot-high tidal wave that hit Fukushima Prefecture. Twenty thousand perished. Hundreds of thousands were driven from their homes ...

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