Andrew Breitbart: 1969-2012

It’s stressful to be hated. It goes against our instincts. We want to be loved. But Andrew Breitbart was different.


How England Helped Start the Great War

A vastly underexplored topic is the British government's role in greasing the skids for World War I. Until recently it was hard to find scholars who would dispute the culturally comfortable judgment that "€œauthoritarian Germany"€ ...

Race and Supremacy

The Far East Rises in the West

The white/black test-score gap has been in the news since the 1960s, yet much like Mark Twain supposedly said about the weather, despite all the talk, nobody seems able to do much about it.  America in the later 21st century will ...

Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog


Crimes of Passion, Golden Statues and Fashion

Although most critics lambasted this year's Oscar show, I roared with laughter. The jokes were funny. Some were even hilarious. It was a ginormous improvement on last year's awards, even though the presentation felt dated at times. You ...

Sacha Baron Cohen


The Not-so-Great Dictator

So Jewish people don"€™t run Hollywood after all? That was my first snarky thought when I heard about the flap between comedian Sacha Baron Cohen (Borat, Talladega Nights) and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, AKA ...

Brandon White

Wild Things

The Gang That Couldn’t Punch Straight

Is it ever permissible to find a "€œhate crime"€ funny? Granted, "€œfunny"€ is in the eye of the beholder, and I"€™d wager that any pair of eyeballs not irreparably stained by armchair sadism would likely not find the ...

Anthony Quinn

Oscar Mania

The Great Hollywood Brownout

Many people claim that they pay no attention to race, but then along comes the Jeremy Lin story to prove again that most folks do. Wikipedia, that embodiment of 21st-century attitudes, remains diligent about posting most of its ...


It Shouldn”€™t Matter What They Were Thinking

This week, NATO personnel accidentally burned a pile of Korans while trying to dispose of incendiary propaganda. One account says the two workers who set the fire "€œwere oblivious to the significance of what they were doing."€ ...


Love: Still Not Colorblind

Has the gender gap in interracial relationships changed over the decades?  As an urbanite in the 1980s and 1990s in LA and Chicago, it was hard not to notice trends among interracial couples. Black/white couples typically featured a ...

PC World

This Week in Atonement

Who says American manufacturing is dead? The nation has cornered the international market on making amends. Apologizing is a thriving industry. Call it Big Sorry. It wasn"€™t always like this. The "€œCheckers"€ speech, with its ...


Argumentum ad Fox Newsem

I haven"€™t had a sip of alcohol in thirty years and I"€™ve never been fond of hanging out with retarded people, but if one is foolish enough to establish any presence whatsoever on social media, it's mathematically impossible to ...

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